Also All So Delighted

I wanted to call this blog “be delighted,” but someone already took that one.  So, “also delighted” it is.  Plus, I like the way the phrase sounds like “ALL so delighted.” Both meanings are perfectly suitable for our purpose here. More on that later.

For now:  why the topic of delight?

Short response:  who doesn’t  like to be delighted? Valid rhetorical question. I mean, do you have a problem with enjoying life’s simple delights? Do you hate all things delightful? I hope not.

Longer response: there was a time not long ago when I did have a problem enjoying life’s simple delights. By problem I mean that I rarely enjoyed them, often overlooked them, and pretty much gave up on them altogether.  By not long ago I mean as recent as this past summer.  As I write this out, I realize how depressing I sound.  But it’s true, and I’m here with you today to share my story.  Not all parts are delightful, which is how you can tell I’m human and not some joyously happy, delusional caricature.

Actually, hold up. At this point I feel safe saying out loud that I have rediscovered my own joy (aw, how warm and fuzzy). Though, I’m a fine artist, so I’m probably delusional a good portion of the time… (Zing!).


In any case, I’ve found that there is nothing sweeter than delightful moments in the day to day.  This includes some of the most seemingly insignificant details that are far too easy to glance over, especially if you’re feeling lazy or tired.   I’m not preaching – believe me, I’ve glanced over more than my fair share of delight.  I still do it, and I’m certain to do it again.  But when I actually act on things that delight me? It makes a colossal difference.

What is delight? Delight is made of the delicious details that no one else but you may ever see or enjoy.   And somehow this aspect of quietly self-indulging sometimes makes the events even that much more delightful.  Am I losing you? Here are a few examples.

Delight might be indulging in a piece of chocolate before breakfast.  Perhaps you’ve come up with a few pinterest-inspired creative ideas for your home.  Go ahead and paint over that canvas you’ve grown tired of.  And when you get tired of it, paint over it again.  Feel like painting your nails with little rock star heart and star designs on them today? GO FOR IT.  Cinnamon sticks in your water bottle? Yes please.  A tiny, gold stick-on tattoo? Might look great on your inner wrist.

If you’re thinking that these are my own personal examples, I have one thing to say to your assumptions. Damn straight! (Aside from the nail polish bit.  My nails have taken a pretty heavy beating from pulling weeds lately).

It’s too easy to say, “what a nice idea,” and then be too lazy to actually make the tiny bit of extra effort that delight requires.  But instead of just going through your day to day, what if you were also delighted?

110% worth it.


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