The 500 Word Challenge

The laziest Frenchman/person I know (😘)
One of the best and laziest Frenchmen/people I know (😘 )

Sometimes before I sit down to write a post I wonder if I will have enough to say. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you may seriously doubt this. Some 3000 words later I usually find myself laughing at my own silly, silly naivety…

Anyway, I’ve decided to challenge myself by keeping the next five blog posts to 500 words max.

I mostly write for myself so I don’t mind if posts are long. However, I was a little bummed out when a friend of mine opened my site to read and his response was a moan.

He said it was too long and he was too lazy.

I know that sounds kind of rude, but picture a goofy Frenchman who is too lazy to use soap in the shower.


I don’t think he was being mean, but I don’t really think he was kidding either.

Regardless, I do agree that I could use a lesson in brevity. So, challenge accepted.

Loïc: Merci, mon petit Man Princess. Tu es tellement intelligent!


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