Tapped in.

Hi there.  This is me losing my blogging virginity.

Much of what I will say in the next few paragraphs is likely to sound cliché and familiar.  Possibly expected. But, I’ll say it for myself and for those of you that prefer to read through instead of jumping ahead.   I invite everyone else to jump ahead to where it reads “TAPPED IN.”

This is my first blog post, but technically not my first blog. I’ve bought several domains with the purest, most honest intentions to begin writing and sharing my thoughts with others. Here is how that goes: Once I’ve agonized over a domain name, chosen my theme and picked a general topic, I find a reason(s) to get busy with something else.  I always plan to come back and write later, but let’s be honest.  It’s way easier to tell myself that everything is good to go and all I have to do is write when I’m “ready.” I’m never ready. In many ways, I’m not even ready now.

When I’m not developing this fascinating experiment of a blog, I keep a written journal.  Some months or years I am better than others at keeping up with it.  At the moment traveling the world has given me the time and inspiration to write often. So, right now, I am a “good” journaler.

I love my journal.  I make jokes and I am HILARIOUS.  I can sound like the biggest, most hormonal B-word in the world.  I can think all kinds of private thoughts. Or awesome thoughts. Or corny, sappy, sugary thoughts.  And no one knows. No one cares, and I am honest without a shadow of shame.

Why am I taking the plunge and actually publishing a blog post now? Beats me.  I suppose the idea of writing this particular blog has been brewing for a while now.  A dear friend suggested I put my thoughts into a blog and promised she’d read it if I did, so at least I’ve got my base audience.

Most of all I think this is a genuine attempt to appease the voice in my head that has been whistling at me incessantly. “Yoo hooo! I’m over here, Alex!! Stop ignoring me and give me some atentionnnnnnn. You know you want tooooo… Stop being such a scaredy catttt…  Stop thinking about other things and give me some attentionnnn….take a risk, grow a pair, and see how it feels to actually try writing this thing already…!”

So here I am. Apparently my mind – the most needy, attention hungry entity I know – wants more attention. And it’s probably time I stepped up to the plate and started writing beyond the private pages of my journal.

I realize that you may make fun of me. You may disagree with me. You make not like what I have to say. You may laugh at me.

But perhaps you will also laugh with me.   You may share thoughts and stories with me. Maybe you will ask me questions.  Maybe I will be so lucky as to hear your stories.  I invite you to share with me.

and now, I proceed at my own risk.



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