Writer’s Block


Candid photo taken by travel buddy, Rob Haseldon, as I shoot the sunset on beautiful Raja Ampat

When I challenged myself to write five blog posts under 500 words, I silently promised myself that I wouldn’t make a thing out of writing about or discussing it.  Writing about writing about writing seemed a bit excessive.  But, it’s almost been a month now and I realize I haven’t posted anything since early November.  It seems that I have intimidated myself with my own challenge…! Ha.

Though the past month has kept me pretty busy otherwise, my blogging inactivity isn’t for lack of interest or inspiration.  I have tons of thoughts and ideas that I’d like to put on paper (or the internet).  Somehow in the last thirty days, this intention has managed to remain just that: an intention.

If you know me personally, it probably won’t come as a shock to you that the proposal to condense down is what has, ironically, caused me a temporary case of writer’s block.  To be fair, I think the act of paring down is a challenge for many – if not most – people, and I won’t bother to beat myself up about it.

I’m working on being more impeccable with my words in general, so here I continue.  Though the word impeccable certainly sounds like a tall order, so I’ll go with the more casual goal to simply … Simplify.

Ah, that’s better 😉






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